Daytime: Discussion Panels

The Returning women love to talk and share knowledge. These panels will run throughout the day for 60minutes discussing with incredible women from the Shire and surrounding areas around topics that need addressing now.


Boss Babes


jen kyna

Jen Kyna is passionate about our environment and communities.
A Byron local with one foot in the corporate world as sustainability leader at Virgin Australia Airlines Group, she commits to making a difference within an influential brand and company in a big way. Jen understands her soul mission is to educate and work on projects that continue to protect our planet. Jen has many passion projects on the go and is the founder of the Kindling foundation, a not for profit providing education and small business opportunities to a community in South Africa. Her travel company the Conscious Traveller, takes groups to countries to inspire travellers to live more heart forward and create sustainable projects through fundraising efforts. 

Her commitment is to do business and life ethically and sustainably. From building fresh water wells in Haiti to rolling out a national inflight recycling program, she is here with passion and purpose to care for our planet.


Lauren Cuthbert

Lauren Cuthbert, created Karmic Journeys from a deep inner dharmic purpose to encourage and inspire people to re-think this journey of growth and spirituality as not only one for the self, but one for the collective - the community and the planet. 

She had experienced traveling to around 40 countries by her ripe mid twenties, and has lead month long overseas conservation expeditions (with World Challenge and Rustic Pathways) to places such as Ecuador, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Fiji, New Zealand and Thailand. 

Working with 500+ high school students to educate them about how we can consciously give back to the environment, inspired her to find a way where she can bring yoga retreats and volunteer travel together as one. 

Lauren is passionate about looking into how we can not only rethink how we look after mother earth at home, but how can we make tangible changes ALL the time, even when we travel.

Based in Byron Bay, sharing her love for yoga Lauren teaches classes, workshops and hosts conservation focused yoga journeys globally. You can find details on upcoming journey opportunities at


Natalie Woods

Nat is passionate about how we can all create positive impact in our world, in everything we do. Like most of us these days, she's weaved her way through a career that's (so far) consisted of writing policy for government, coordinating climate and community campaigns for GetUp! and WWF-Australia, and leading brand strategy for impact-driven companies. But what she really loves to do is escape to Australia's most remote beaches to pick up plastic with Clean Coast Collective, the not-for-profit she founded with her partner, Dan. When she's not out on expeditions, you'll find Nat working at the purposeful coworking community, The Corner Palm, which she co-founded with Dan, and her brother, Sean. Nat is currently scheming another trip to the outback, as soon as possible!



Lila is the Founder and Creative Director of Oh Babushka, an Australia based creative studio bringing beautiful design with purpose to fashion, lifestyle, design and hospitality brands.

In 2017 she CoFounded This is Paradiso, a custom publishing house. The publishing house's first in-house title, Paradiso, is a creative street press magazine based in Northern NSW. The bi-monthly publication is an editorial mix of food, fashion, lifestyle, the arts and travel, celebrating creative people and places, locally and internationally. Following on the success of this bi-monthly magazine, Take Away was launched in 2019 – part coffee table book part magazine part guide book. Published annually the publication is an exploration of the unique creative consciousness thriving in Northern NSW, Australia and the key elements that support and sustain this community.

Fuelled by creative energy, infectious enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial streak, Lila is passionate about good design and the role it plays in transforming an idea into a brand. Her creative design work connects with audiences because it is equal parts beautiful and meaningful. By seeking out new, exciting and often playful ways to tell stories through design, she develops brands laden with personality as well as purpose.

Lila's career has taken her from Art Director of an Australian pop culture magazine to launching her own design and branding studio. She has established a creative studio that believes in collaborating with each client to truly understand the intention behind their business, and to then artfully transform the resulting mix of ideas, dreams and values into compelling creative design.

Through every project she undertakes, Lila is dedicated to making the world a more beautiful and meaningful place.

Founder + Creative Director

Oh Babushka @ohbabushka

Paradiso @paradiso_magazine_



Reclaiming Birth


hannah foresster

Homegrown herbalist, self-explored alchemist and loving mother, Hannah Forrester is an Australian born witch, handcrafting from the mountains of Goonengerry, NSW. As the name suggests, she’s a woman of the forest, who has always had her hands in the Earth. From early days being alongside her mother in the garden, delving into conservation ecology and then again to just doing what seemed the only way – gardening in community. From the Garden, she has mostly self-taught and intuitively explored how to concoct growing herbs and spells into alchemical potions. Alongside these ways, she practices Arvigo® Maya Therapy with the purpose of womb and body connection. A wombyn of the Earth devoted to serve her Mother Earth.


Kirilly Dawn

Kirilly is a Barkindji woman passionate about women reclaiming and remembering the sovereignty of our bodies and births. She is a birth doula, an advocate for birthing on country and incorporates her love of dance, tai chi and meditation into her work. After quitting a job with the UN to teach yoga by donation in a park, she spent five years living out of a backpack and studied the women's mysteries. She trained as a birth doula with Ibu Robin Lim & Debra Pascali Bonaro after realising that birth is political, has the potential to heal generations, and can be orgasmic! Believing in the ancient power of storytelling, Kirilly joined the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond show as a regular presenter & producer, with a vision to share more Indigenous women's voices, stories and experiences of childbirth and maternity care in Australia.You can follow her work on @indigenous.doulas and @kirillydawn


Annalee Atia

A founding member of PBB Media,  Annalee is a Producer with over 19 years experience in the fields of events, entertainment, music and production. After setting on the path to becoming a mother she turned to coaching, mentoring and consulting and is passionate about representing and forwarding womens voices and choices at the table.  She is a dedicated Maternity Consumer Representative in her local area of Northern NSW and works tirelessly locally and nationally to bring maternity consumer voices to the forefront of the conversation. 

As regular content producer and host on the popular Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond radio show and podcast. Annalee brings her passionate truth-telling and compassionate listening to imbue the listeners experience with a sense of purpose and connection.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 12.43.55 pm.png

Mariko Ella Ma

Mariko Ella Ma has always been fascinated by all things pregnancy, birth and babies. In 2014 she completed a birth attendant training with Rhea Dempsey and during that time realised that her major life passion is supporting the process of birth. She is now in her second year of practice as a midwife and loving it. She has become fascinated with connection, disconnection and how these relate to birth outcomes. Connection with our bodies, sexuality, emotions, spirituality, the earth, within our relationships, ancestral lines, connection in community, connection with our babies etc. Meriko intends to spend the rest of her life exploring ways to support us in coming home to deeper levels of connection and She believes that birthing our babies and families is a profoundly vital part of this homecoming.


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